Words to the Rescue! Quotes & Affirmations to Empower Your Day

I always found that words have an uplifting effect on me.

When I was younger, my mom would have these empowering quotes or prayers written up and placed all over the kitchen. I am not sure if that was my inspiration or not, but, I’ve used the same practice on my own journey as a way to shift my thoughts and keep me uplifted.

Words contain an alchemy that have the power to transform your thoughts. They guide you to tell a more empowered new story.

Often times, we read something in the morning that inspires us. My mom would have  quotes taped up all over the kitchen cupboards. I read a motivational blog or book.

But, how do we carry this uplifted feeling throughout our day? We know that life gets hairy and stressful. We know that people can be rude or we can get annoyed by the people closest to us. So, how do we shield ourselves and put up a protective barrier to the normal happenings of life?

Quotes & Affirmation Cards

Affirmations are a powerful way of stating how you feel. It is a declaration stating your way of being right now in this very moment. It is like a wave of positive energy that carries you on your journey. “I choose to see this through the eyes of love” is a powerful affirmation that helps to stay in the energy of love and compassion when you encounter something difficult. “Life is working for me” helps you see that there is a reason for everything that happens to you.

Stating affirmations alone isn’t enough to shift your thoughts. I can’t feel abundant when consumed with lack or confident when overwhelmed by fear or doubt.

To shift your thoughts in any situation you need look for a good feeling thought. How? Get your mojo going through an inspirational quote. There is high vibing powerful energy contained in the words written by someone in an empowered state of being. Who doesn’t get inspired to do good by reading something my Mother Theresa, the Dahlia Lama or Jesus? Who doesn’t want to take over the world when reading a quote by Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

Starting the day with this process is powerful to get you buzzing with feel good, positive energy. But, to carry this with you for the rest of the day can prove to be challenging.

A way to support your positive current is to make up quote and affirmation cards.

1. Choose a quote that sparks feelings of inspiration, motivation and/or empowerment. You will know if it’s right if after you read it, you are immediately uplifted and feel like you can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

2. Pick out an affirmation that goes along with the quote.

3. Write the quote and the affirmation in an index card or piece of paper.

4. Carry the card/paper with you, tuck it in your purse or tape it up where you can see it throughout the day.

5. Any time you find yourself struggling or drifting to the dark side, take a pause. Remind yourself that this is normal to feel this way and honor how you are feeling.  Pull out your card/ paper, take a few deep, slow breaths. Read the quote and say the affirmation. Do this a few times until you shift back into a positive state of mind.

This process, like any other takes daily practice to become a habit. After a while, you don’t need the cards. You will automatically shift into a positive narrative instead of the self limiting story that has been looping on repeat.

I’ve listed 7 quotes with some of my favorite affirmations here.

I know this practice is a great tool in shifting thoughts.  Have fun with it and may it help you find more joy in your day!