What is Reiki?

Pronounced Ray-Key • Rei=universal • Ki= life force energy.

The system of Reiki originated in Japan under the guidance of Mikao Usui, a lay Tendai priest who was, in fact, walking the path of enlightenment. Largely influenced by Japanese culture, Reiki is a melding of Buddhism, esoteric religious and martial arts practices.

The system consists of practicing meditation, mantra’s, chanting, breath work, energy work and hands on/off healing, all of which help a practitioner heal the mind and therefore the body.  The aim of a practitioner is to first heal oneself, attaining a peaceful mind and then, offering peace to others.

Reiki has no religious affiliation but is also regarded as a spiritual practice. Reiki can do no harm and is always intended for the greatest and highest good.

Reiki is an easy system to learn but encompasses a life time of practice.


  • Reduction in stress
  • Feeling of ones own empowerment
  • Greater feeling of love and connection with the world
  • Gain mental clarity and better decision making
  • Less anger
  • Higher levels of pain tolerance
  • Speed in recovery from illness and injury
  • Lower levels of anxiety
  • Increase in self confidence and self esteem