What is Freedom?

Written July 4th, 2014. I thought this was fitting for the upcoming 4th of July Holiday-Enjoy.

I contemplated on the thought of freedom all week and took an introspective approach to what being free meant to me.  Our “monkey minds” are the only things that hold us captive in today’s world. All we need to do is shift our thinking to a more mindful awareness and we are set free.

What is Freedom?

Freedom is making choices that are the best for me.

Freedom is being who I truly am.

Freedom is expressing my feelings.

Freedom is forming my opinions based on my own experience.

Freedom is to live the life that was buried in my heart.

Freedom is to love without fear of rejection.

Freedom is learning life lessons and growing.

Freedom is facing my past with loving compassion.

Freedom is letting go of the stories.

Freedom is accepting people right where they are at.

Freedom is holding no expectations.

Freedom is being independent.

Freedom is freeing.


I am free.


May this Independence Day ring in a new sense of freedom for you!