Put Passion in the Drivers Seat

I originally wrote this blog post  in December of 2014. It is a testimony that even though you try something once and it doesn’t turn out the way you hoped, don’t give up on your dream. Step back, figure out a new way and go at it again!!  

me hawaii waters
2013 Hanging out over the waters of Hawaii.

This week, the story of my mechanic from the Big Island of Hawaii has been resonating in my heart. His name was Mike, an ex cop from LA who loved Scuba diving, Corvettes and Nascar Racing.  Whenever I would bring my car in, Mike would always take extra time to share some life wisdom with me.  He must of felt that I needed it-not sure why-maybe I looked naïve, or younger than I was…or maybe he was one of my earth angels. But,  I felt he was always looking out for my wellbeing, kinda like a big brother, and it made me feel protected being so far from home-and this brought a warm feeling to my heart.

On one particular day, Mike shared with me his journey of how he ended up on the Big Island.

“The water that surrounds these islands is some of the most beautiful in the world. It makes scuba diving one of the top experiences in life. The water is what brought me here. I started out on Maui but it was hard getting a job,noone wanted to hire a non-local at the time. I had to return to LA and vowed the next time I headed back to the islands, I would have money.”

Mike went back to LA, built a plan, probably around mechanics, and headed to the Big Island where he established a successful auto repair shop.  He knew he wanted to live close to the waters that provided him so much joy with his hobby of scuba diving.  He didn’t let what seemed like failure stop him. He figured out what he needed to do to pursue his passion then lined it up.

Mike’s story gave me a new perspective on failed attempts, which is, that these attempts are really not failures. They are message boards from the universe revealing the areas within ourselves that we need to work on.

I thought I failed when, emotionally, I couldn’t make it in Hawaii. But, I didn’t fail. I uncovered the areas in myself that needed work. And by work, I mean healing. In coming back to the security of my family & friends in Wisconsin, I reestablished my foundation and built up the strength for my next adventure. I found ways to stay balanced, strong and off the roller coaster ride of emotions.


The universe gives us the opportunities we ask for and sometimes we just aren’t fully ready for that part in our journey. We head into a storm and loose our momentum. But, don’t let deflated sails keep you stuck at the port. Go back, rebuild your sails then jump back on the ship.  Because this time, you have maps-established from past attempts-to guide you on your journey. And, if you paid attention, learned the lessons from the past, future attempts will be a success!


Keep trying!! Make another attempt!  You have the wisdom of experience behind you!