There is More to Thursday


From a state of judgment. That small minded place where you scrutinize a person based on gender, race, political views, shit even the clothing they are wearing.

For me, the judging came with a person’s name.

Her name was Thursday and the first thing that ran through my mind was, “Who the fuck names their kid Thursday? That is so dumb. Why do parents do this shit to kids?  A person should not be addressed by a  day of the week.”

It made me uspet at first but I really don’t understand why.  Was it because she was new in my world, like stranger danger, but worse because she didn’t have a common first name.  Are girls named “Thursday” a threat somehow? Like you have one person named Thursday and the whole world starts to go crazy with obscure first names.

Ok, I had to bring this back into perspective because, really, what does it even matter what her name is?   This wasn’t a thing I needed to waste energy on giving a fuck about. There were more important things, like when was I going to yoga or write my next blog. Seriously though.

Yes, I was being small minded, not seeing that there could be more. But, on the other hand,  I mean, why would I want to know more? How could this young chic, who had the name of the week give my life any inspiration?

Like all things, there was more hiding underneath the surface. Like all things that cross my path, there is inspiration and, more than likely, there is a lesson.

See, Thursday wasn’t the name given to her at birth. Her parents weren’t that original and she had been named some common girl name like Cassie or Cassandra or something.

Its not everyone that has a cool name that they love. And, its not everyone that has the guts or the tenacity to go about legally changing their name. But, at 18 years old, the first thing Cassie did was change her name to Thursday.

And for me, that was the thing, wala, the inspiring tale of leading a life on ones own terms.

When I look at it, at 18, I wouldn’t have had a freakin clue as to the first step in legally changing my name. I would have had to turn to my mom, who did everything for me because-yikes-I have an aversion to anything that requires details. I also have an aversion to my moms ruthless questioning on how and why I was doing something. It was way too exhausting.  So, like most of my heart’s desires at the time, I would have let the idea die.

The story of Thursday and her name change both inspired me and humbled me.

  1. I am inspired by the strength and courage of an 18 year old girl to go after her heart’s desire. She wanted a different name. She went and got it.
  2. Again, I am shown the lesson-Do not judge because there is always more than meets the eye. There is always more to the story, details we do not know and reasons only the other person will know.

There is more to a name, an appearance, an opinion. Look deeper, below the surface, you may just be inspired. xo

Bowing to you Miss Thursday-keep kicking ass at life and living it as who you want to be!



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