The Power of Imagination & Visualization

As children, we would play the magical game of make believe, taking on roles, dressing up, acting out scenarios. Maybe the stories are about what we would want to be when we grew up or the places we would want to visit someday.

Some of my earliest memories of the game were playing school with my sister where I was the teacher and she was the student. But most of my playing of make believe was done alone, playing out scenarios like being in a band, connecting with awesome people or being this really cool chick who everyone adored.

As I grew older, I would use music and dance to dive into my imagination. Music always held so much power for me. The melodies spoke to my heart and would elevate my emotions. Here whatever I was doing, felt good. I was powerful, smart and confident.

Our imagination is the door to unlimited possibilities and playing with it enables the creative flow of the universe to help us see what can be. It’s like taking a car for a test ride to see if it will be a good fit.

As adults, we loose the ability for creative play that we once had as children. Life becomes way too serious and we feel the weight of responsibility, leaving little time to explore a more expanded perception of life.

We place limits on what we can imagine, thinking  we are too old or haven’t been given the proper education to prepare us for a particular path. Like, I can’t play with the thought of becoming a mega movie star with no acting experience at 53 now can I. Or, starting out a new career as a neuroscientist because, that would involve spending the rest of my life getting training.

We can shatter those limitations by letting go of resistant thoughts and becoming open to new possibilities. Switching  from, “that’s impossible” to “ Ok, so what is?”

I have several methods of playing with my imagination. Here are two that I turn to on a regular basis.

1. Sparking creativity and imagination through music & dancing

Are you stuck? Can’t seem to come up with a creative solution or see beyond the four walls you are in?

I feel music sparks something deep inside of us and helps to get us past our analytical thought process. Bringing in movement, helps to move stagnant energy through the body. The two combined create a   powerful state of being,  helping you to open your mind to unlimited possibilities.

I like upbeat dance music, mostly throwbacks from the disco era or groovy tunes like Kool & the Gangs Get Down On It . When I want to feel like a super hero, I listen to Joss Stones Free Me.

Pick tunes you can shake your bootie to. And dance like no ones watching!!

2. Visualizing through guided meditation

We often get in a rut or can’t see past our own limiting stories. By doing a guided meditation, where you are being lead to new thought patterns, you help the mind shift and see possibilities that do exist.

I love guided meditations. They help me release limiting beliefs about any situation. So when I find myself being resistant, or I can’t seem to come up with an answer, I turn to a guided meditation to shift my energy and help me to see things more clearly.


There are many free guided meditations on a countless number of topics. Do a search on YouTube or the Insight Timer App and you will find something to fit what you are in need of.

I like to direct people to a Loving Kindness meditation. It helps to build the energy of love within us and, at the same time, release  that energy out into the world. Love is the highest vibration of energy. It heals, transforms and lifts the vibration of this planet. We need more loving kindness in this world and I believe this meditation can help you build a powerful force field of loving energy.

Take time to visualize and imagine how you want to feel, what you want to create in this world and, most importantly, how you want to serve. Using this tool will bring more clarity to your purpose but more importantly, it will bring more fun and creativity as you uncover what that purpose may be!

Keep Shining Your Light!