The Guiding Force in Our Lives

There is a force that guides our lives.

Connected to it, you can easily go with the flow, accepting every bump, every sharp unexpected turn, as part of a grand plan.

Disconnected, you find misery and suffering. Life becomes hard and you struggle to love and be happy.

We long to be connected and can get lost. But, something always guides us back. Maybe this force has an intelligence and in some mystical way connects us all both to it and to each other. In some way, maybe your cries of suffering have been heard.

When you cry out in your darkness, alone and feeling abandoned, fear not. It may take time to see it, but help is on the way. Be alert and vigilant in seeing the miracles that start appearing in your life.

The force of Spirit is always working  your life. If you reading this, know that your cries have been heard and help is on its way.

May peace surround you today ❤️?❤️