Kelly is such a compassionate and loving person. She studies so many avenues to help heal yourself and grow to the beautiful person you she has now become. I have had many sessions with Kelly & have learned so much! Thank you Kelly for all you do !! I pray that the wealth of information you carry reaches many people!

Georgette H.

Kelly is an authentic woman using her gift of a loving and calming nature to heal. I would recommend Kelly to anyone especially if you have never experienced Reiki. She will take the time with you so you fully understand this healing method in a loving safe enviroment.

Lori E.

I did a Chakra Balancing Reiki session with Kelly and it was absolutely amazing! I have felt recharged and more myself today than I have in a very long time! I highly recommend scheduling a session!

Hallie H

I had a distance reiki session with Kelly and I highly recommend one to anyone who wants to experience healing, peace, and serenity. It was at the same time deeply physically relaxing but held high clarity and mental awareness. I was able to feel a grounding, calming, loving energy spread through my body and emerged more aware, awake, happy and at peace. Even with distance her Reiki is deeply loving and powerful. Kelly is a truly loving and powerful healer.

Jaime Stebbins

Kelly is a gifted, intuitive coach who immediately puts people at ease so the answers they are looking for are easy to understand and implement.

Patty Jackson
Owner, Clear Inner Focus Coaching

When I’m feeling discouraged, Kelly always gets me back on the right track. She is one of the most loving, vibrant, and positive people I’ve ever met. When she did a Reiki session on me, I felt very relaxed and open. She’s very intuitive and really helped me see some changes I would like to make in my life.

Sheri S