Snooky Don’t Live Here No More

Our thoughts create our reality. We have over 60,000 thoughts on a daily basis but 90% of those thoughts are from yesterday. And the day before. And the day before that. They are nothing new.

The constant thinking of yesterday is like living on a loop of reruns. Kinda like watching the reality show “Jersey Shore”. The drama is crazy and you want to stop watching it. But, you just can’t help binge watching episode after, drunk snooky, episode.

It is hard to break the rerun loop of your life because thinking = emotion and emotion = feeling and we like the rush it gives us. We are actually addicted to our dramas, our depression, our sadness, and our anger.

Hey, this is an unconscious thing so don’t get all upset with the fact that you are doing this to yourself. The really kick ass amazing thing is that you can change and take control of your thoughts.

Is it hard? At first, yes. You have, oh, at least 20, 30 years of conditioning to overcome. I really don’t like challenging stuff either but, taking the remote and turning off that episode of Jersey Shore is like your passport to a whole new world.   There is a magical life happening on the other side of drama, trust me on this.

So, how do you start the processes of changing the loop of old thoughts?

Meditation and Visualization.

Meditation helps bring awareness to what you are thinking so you can start conditioning the mind to be in the present, to pause and start thinking a new thought.

Visualization helps you focus on the emotions you want to feel.  The mind and body do not know if what you are visualizing is real or not, so let yourself imagine the best, most fun life ever.

Today, if you decide you want a new life. A life full of unlimited possibilities. A life of happiness, joy, love and abundance. Try meditation and visualization. Because, I know you don’t want to keep watching Jersey Shore. That is so 2009.