Places I turn for Reiki knowledge, inspiration and anything related to my Reiki practice.

International Center for Reiki Training

Founded by William Rand, the ICRT has so much information. From documents to books to class dates by various teachers. I love this website!


Reiki Rays

Tons of articles and ebooks!

Reiki Master Teachers

There is a listing on of Reiki Master Teachers. Here are 2 that I follow who I found resonate with me

Colleen and Robyn Benelli @ Reiki Lifestyle

Colleen is one of the lead teacher/mentors at the International Center for Reiki Training who teaches Reiki as a lifestyle. She has a depth of knowledge and holds a distance Reiki share weekly where she shares tips, techniques and knowledge on all things Reiki.(Sign up for the newsletter and you will get a Zoom link every Tuesday morning) She holds classes online and has a huge compassionate heart.


Andrea Kennedy @ Main Stream Reiki

Andrea has an incredible Youtube channel where she does a lot of distance Reiki. She holds all of her classes online. She also does a Podcast with another Reiki Master called, Beyond the Reiki Gateway.

Youtube Channel:


Great variety, selection and price.

Certificates for Reiki Students

Program used for designing and scheduling of social media posts

Email Marketing

Guide to Starting & Ending A Reiki Session

Link to Download