Personalized Reiki Session

Offering Sessions Both Virtually & In Person!

Focusing on any area of your life that needs balancing; mental, emotional or physical. This session will help clear energetic blocks and bring the subtle energy body back into harmony.

This 60 minute session starts with an invocation of spirit to help you connect to your higher knowing which will help guide the session.

We will then go over what area of your life you want to focus on, where you may be struggling and what you want to set as an intention for the session.

We go through a guided meditation to help you get into a deep relaxing state. Soft music will be played in the background (or set your own for a distance session) while I send Reiki over your body, connecting to any area that needs higher vibration energy.

A Reiki session is gentle but highly effective at producing results. The client doesn’t have to do anything but be open and receptive.

Ending out the session, together we will process the experience and I will share suggestions on how to stay  aligned energetically.

Price: $75


  • Education on Subtle Energy System
  • Empowerment of Intention
  • Reiki Energy
  • Deep Relaxation

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To Prepare for a Virtual Session

  • Make sure to allow for 60 minutes of undisturbed time.  
  • Set up your surroundings so its cozy and relaxing. Light a candle, play relaxing music, put out your favorite crystals, apply essential oils.
  • Do some reflection on what you want to get out of the session, coming prepared with an intention.  Reiki empowers intentions so its a great time to use the session as a way to set some dreams/goals etc in to motion.

Who Can Benefit From A Reiki Session?

  • Anyone looking for clarity in their life
  • A person who is looking for relief from stress and anxiety
  • Those who want a deeper connection to the Divine
  • Someone looking to balance their subtle energy bodies
  • A person looking to cultivate more love, kindness and compassion within themselves