Reiki As A Spiritual Practice

At its core, Reiki is a spiritual practice, a way to connect to the Divine within and around us. Early teachers first knew Reiki as a path to enlightenment and purification of spirit. As time went on, and the need for physical healing increased, Reiki revealed itself as a tool to restore health. 

It is my intention in the blog post to showcase Reiki as a spiritual practice because to truly heal, one must start at the soul level. 

I have always thought that having a spiritual practice was a very personal, extremely private, matter. It was a relationship one needed to establish with God, on their own. If someone felt the need to dial the “Divine Call Line” they would. Who was I to interfere in such a sacred matter?

Yet, as I have evolved in my own spiritual practice as well as run a spirit based business, I have become extremely impassioned with the thought of guiding someone on a path of prayer, sacred ritual and devotion. 

I was raised in a Christian home where we regularly attended church and religious education classes. We were encouraged to pray for people who were going through difficult times and to ask for Divine guidance when we ourselves encountered challenges.

In my personal experience, having a spiritual practice ushered in great comfort. My Faith has given me strength when life dealt me damaging blows and, simultaneously, nurtured me when my heart ached.

As a Catholic, we turned our prayers over to angels, the saints, Mother Mary and Jesus. Can the Divine hear our cries better through these messengers? Can they perform miracles on our behalf?  I don’t have proof but do know my prayers were always answered in some way, shape or form. 

As I have explored Yoga, Buddhism and Reiki, I have discovered that the Divine lives in everything and everybody. It was a radical concept to grasp but it just felt right to me.

In my cultural studies, I had found that the same core beliefs Christians held were also held in the religions around the world. There was always a god head, a mother figure and a creation story.  My conclusion, as aligned with the sacred truth, “We are all one”,  came to be, everything is created from one universal life force energy. I am not sure why we fight about religion <shoulder shrug>.

Currently, we are living in a time where many have abandoned regular church services. I feel people are craving weekly devotion but don’t know how to get it due to the absence of a Holy place in which to commune and find connection. 

Now, I can’t say that prayer or having a spiritual practice is the cure for everything that may be going on in the world but, I do think it is an essential practice for overall wellbeing. I feel that being connected to our higher self can guide us in life as well as in healing. 

So, what I have been wondering is, “Where are people going to make connections and fill their spiritual cup?” And, “Is the angst, anxiety and stress we are feeling caused from the absence of having a spiritual practice?”

These are good questions to ponder because as I look out in to the world, I see us wanting more and not finding it. I see people stressed out, buzzed out, numb from distractions and literally lost in a world that is more abundant now than in any time in history.  So, I wonder, “Why are so many people miserable?” 

Trying to stay above water, I have used a spiritual practice as my life jacket. As I have evolved on my journey, Reiki was the system that was always so easily accessible and made the most sense.  As a Reiki practitioner, I connect daily to the energy of Reiki.  I pray the Precepts which are a reminder to take responsibility in my own healing. Lastly, I seek to serve through this practice by helping others find comfort and ease in their suffering. It all comes together so beautifully.