Recognizing the Path of Your Purpose

When I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii, I would go to a drum circle every 2nd Tuesday of the month. I found the circle by mere chance, a customer had come into the Sally Beauty Supply where I was working and in conversation, mentioned it. I never saw her at any of the circles nor did I see her again and felt there was some spiritual force guiding me to the event.

The drum circle was held at a huge beautiful house that was right on the ocean. Upon entering, we were doused in sage and even though I knew not a soul, I felt totally safe.

The event was lead by a Shaman named Elizabeth who intertwined both Native American and Hawaiian spirit into what we were doing. She had a corner filled with drums and sticks so each of us could use to drum along. She said drumming was like the heartbeat and since everyone has one, anyone could play.

The drumming session itself was purely organic, starting softly, building and dying down in a natural progression. At the end, people could share their experience and talk with the passing of a talking stick. It truly was a magical experience for me.

It was my last drumming circle before returning back to Wisconsin and, even though I never spoke to Elizabeth before, I felt compelled to let her know that this would be my last event. I wanted to express how much these gatherings had meant to me.

I can’t remember if I even got the chance to say that to her because when I said, “Elizabeth,this is my last time here, I am going back to Wisconsin.” Her very excited reply was, “You found your path!”

My mind totally started spiraling because my decision to go back to Wisconsin didn’t seem to me like it was based on some revelation of where I was heading. My mind was screaming, “What the fuck is she talking about?! I have no idea where I am going or what I’m doing!”

I have often thought about that conversation over the years, trying to piece together Elizabeth’s words and the path I have taken since. After 8 years, I am finally seeing the meaning more clearly.

Hawaii put me on a path of healing and the deep soul work of learning to “know myself”. Little by little and layer after layer, this path unfolds evolving-taking me on countless, seemingly endless journeys of transformation.

I am seeing now that there is something guiding and directing us as we go. That really the journey and transformation is our purpose.

I started asking in Hawaii- “Who am I?  Why am I here? What is my purpose?”Today, 8 years later, I still ask. But, today I am wiser and know the answers come up on each journey I experience and in each relationship that I am blessed with.

Elizabeth was right- I found my path-the path of self discovery and the journey of knowing thyself-it just  took me this long to fully recognize it.

May you see with the eyes of wisdom that life is unfolding for you in perfect, Divine order, leading you on your sacred purpose. ?