Readying Herself for the Emotional Battle

I wrote this several years ago. My sons ex-girlfriend had died of a drug overdose. So much grief was weighing on me. I was concerned about my son and the grief he was experiencing. I was thinking that could have been him. I thought of the little boy, left behind without a mother. Needless to say, It was a hard day.

But, we made it through. And these things helped me. My practices, the spilling out of my emotions in words and most of all my Faith.

Find your tools-the things that will help you to be strong in times of crisis. 

Today- the warrior reaches for weapons to face the battle.

Today-she turns to the breath: bringing a steady ease of mind, body and spirit

Today-she turns to yoga: releasing the sorrow that is building inside her soulToday-she lets the emotions float by: not attaching a story to the grief that is swirling in her heart.

Today-she fills herself up with feelings of love & compassion: stoking the internal flame so she can bring the comforting heat to another.

Today-she surrenders: for only God knows why.

Today-she prays for a young soul: please heaven, grant her your peace.