The Usui Reiki Master’s Online Teaching Tools-Slideshow Presentation Template


Class Presentation Slideshow Templates for Holy Fire Reiki Level I & Level II PLUS Certificate Template



Have you wanted to use a slideshow presentation online when you teach Reiki classes but just don’t have the time to put it all together?

Or, maybe you are a new teacher who is swimming in all the information you need to present to your students and it just seems a bit overwhelming.

After spending hours putting together slideshow presentations for my first online Reiki classes, I thought, maybe there are fellow Reiki Master Teachers who could benefit from having pre-made presentations for their classes.

So, I got to work in Canva and polished up my existing slides and….wala, here they are!

As a bonus, I included a certificate template that I use for my own students. I use blank certificates from Amazon that have a fancy border then use the certificate template filling in the students name and class date (link is located on pdf download)


  • Reiki Holy Fire Level I Presentation Template (29 Slides)
    • Reiki History, Reiki Defined, First Teachers of Reiki, Reiki Experience, Byosen Scanning, Self Reiki and hand positions.
  • Reiki Holy Fire Level II Presentation Template (18 Slides)
    • Healing Experience, Details on 3 Reiki Symbols and how to use them, sending distance Reiki, Reiki forms, misc info.
  • Student Certificate Template
  • Directions for Download

Information is from the Usui Holy Fire Reiki Lineage and follows online outlines found in the Usui Holy Fire 3 Reiki Master Manual. 

Slides are editable in Canva enabling you to add slides, information and/or change color palette!  The majority of the work has been done for you!