Wayne Dyer’s Inspiration on my World

Critical points in our lives have profound moments of inspired guidance.  We always remember these times and the people that gave us the inspiration to make changes.  With yesterday’s news of Wayne Dyer’s passing, I felt compelled to share how the inspired ideas of one person can change a life.  Thank you for being the spark that changed my life Wayne. I am forever grateful. xo

A signed copy--thanks to my friend Amanda!
A signed copy–thanks to my friend Amanda!

My life took a major shift the day I bought the book, “There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem.” By Wayne Dyer.  At the time, I was heavy with depression, self-hate and anger. I had everything a girl could ask for in life; money, security, material possessions.  But, I wasn’t happy. So, what gives?  I had to dig deep for the answer and what better place to find inspiration than the self-help section of my local book store.

I knew instantly the book had rich lessons in it for me. Contained in every page were Truths that called out to my heart, and my soul was set on fire to start living a fresh new life.

There are so many lessons in Wayne’s book, you will probably have to read it like 5 times to really digest and comprehend them all.  Here are two take-a ways that I set into motion immediately that started the ball rolling to a happier, joy filled life.

There are no problems. Problems are what you are creating with your thinking.

Yes, I know you are probably thinking, “WTF, girl, you crazy!”  I was astounded myself. But, as I thought more and more on this, it was true.  The problems in our life, we are creating them ourselves. All the drama that you stir up is caused by you.

Here is an example:

You text bestie. Bestie doesn’t text you back. You start to “wonder” why bestie doesn’t text you back and the wonder triggers “stories”. She doesn’t care. She is too busy, you are not that important. She is mad at you. The stories trigger anger and by the time bestie does get back to you, you are so enraged that you start the onslaught of accusations. The reality is bestie doesn’t even have a clue what the fuck you are talking about, so, in defense, goes bat shit crazy on you.   Here my friend is the drama and problems, your thoughts have created.

With this lesson, I realized that how I was thinking about a situation was more important than what was actually going on.   If I wanted things to change, I had to change how I thought.  And with that, I stopped blaming others for my anger and unhappiness. Here is when I started the process of letting go.  I took responsibility for my life and how I perceived the world.

Our lives are centered in this great big Universe and the Universe is like a big echo chamber; whatever we say, think and do comes echoing back to us.

The essential point in this lesson is that what we are putting out comes back to us, so if you want love, happiness and joy, you need to put that out in the universe. If you are judging, criticizing and being negative, you will receive that in return. Here we discover the power of choice; the choice to be happy or the choice to sad.

This lesson taught me to be more loving, because I wanted more love in life. It taught me to be less critical and judgmental as well as to only focus on positive aspects of people.  Because I wanted all of these for myself, I put it out in the echo chamber!

Wayne Dyer lived the wisdom he writes about in his books. He came from humble beginnings and didn’t have the best home life growing up, being raised in foster care.  He was told by teachers that he wouldn’t amount to much of anything because he didn’t possess the intellect to achieve success. But, Wayne didn’t let his environment or the words of peers hold him back. Wayne had a calling to inspire and uplift people. Wayne followed the calling and lived his purpose. Thank you for shedding your light on the world Wayne Dyer-your inspiration was, and still is, a blessed gift to the world.