Changing the Game

Happy 2020!

It’s here, the year that kicks off a new decade and I am ready to roll! I am doing a program with Mel Robbins called #bestdecadeever , which gives you tools to help lay down some enormous dreams for the next ten years.

But I think looking back is as equally important. Giving yourself time to reflect on where you have been and the lessons you have learned are like adding fuel to your rocket- They give you the g’s to launch forward!

Here, I will lay down people that have inspired or influenced me in 2019. Let me start by saying, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular in 2019- I had no set course, no goals or intention.

In a way, this lead me to my demise as far as emotional well being goes. My soul had no anchor nor did I have a strong, rooted foundation to weather the storm of my negative thoughts.

It was in the later part of 2019, that I started to turn back to the tools that had helped me in the past. One of which I will be discussing, the reading of books centered on self-help/spirituality. I discovered nearly 15 years ago, that by reading inspirational books, my mind expanded, my perspectives stared to change and, in turn, so did my life.

Here is a list of what I read and/or listened to in 2019.

Carolyn Myss  

2019 was a struggle for me. So I, finally, turned to one of the things that have helped me in the past-prayer. I was looking for some kind of spiritual guidance and I found it by revisiting material by Carolyn Myss.

Carolyn is a medical intuitive and a modern day mystic. She teaches and guides us on the ways of the soul to become more empowered. Her work has evolved from teaching about what makes a person ill and ways to heal to the power of your spirit and the importance of prayer.

Although I had been a student of Carolyn in the past, I never explored an essential part of her work- dealing with our shadow sides. In it, she stresses we must face the dark parts of ourselves. If we don’t recognize and acknowledge these aspects within ourselves, they will eventually destroy our spirits, causing us to behave in negative ways resulting in pain and agony.

In 2019, I did travel the road of my dark side. My angry, resentful,  jealous,  and overly critical, often times judge mental, side. Yes, this sparkly princess has some deep seeded issues.

I have denied and fought this part of me and, as a result, I was raging to the point I was about to explode. I had to learn how to deal with this!

I went back to my prayers- I asked for courage to face the dark aspects of myself. And, as Carolyn states, all prayers are answered in an instant.

Carolyn is deep yet teaches in a way where you get it- she speaks to the soul. She is direct, tough, a no BS kind of woman who shoots straight from the hip. She will challenge you in ways that you need.

Want to take your spiritual life on one hell of a journey? Check the  Audible book of hers, The Courage to Confront Evil: The Most Important Challenge of Our Time , will really make you think.

Seane Corn

If you are in to the yoga scene, you probably have heard of Seane Corn. She is an internationally known yoga teacher and human rights activist.

Ive known of Seane, seeing her on social media and in Google searches.  But never followed her or practiced any of her yoga videos. Then along comes her powerful story written in a book called, Revolution of the Soul: Awaken to Love Through Raw Truth, Radical Healing, and Conscious Action

If you want to witness the transformational power of yoga, get the book. Seane talks about the trauma in her life and how the practices of yoga, meditation and prayer helped her stay grounded and less reactive so she could show up more fully in the world.

I could relate so much to her story. I too was reactive. I too held and suppressed my emotions. I held tension and trauma in my body which would eventually find its way out in negative behaviors.

I was reminded that the practice of yoga could help to discharge these feelings helping you to feel more balanced. Yes, I knew this because it was something that helped me in the past. Yet, I had strayed from my practice.

Back to the mat. I bought The Yoga of Awakening on Udemy and have been doing it just about everyday. Guess what? Anger- lessened. Anxiety- stabilized. Depression- wala, lifted. (Udemy runs some great sales- I got it for $50, normally $199!)

We all need to wake up, the well-being of our planet depends on it. Peace starts with us individually and we need to cultivate practices that help us deal with our past and strengthen us for our future. Yoga can do that. I have experienced It’s affects and I will practice it until the day I die.

Mel Robbins

Check this powerhouse out! My first encounter with Mel was listening to her story on YouTube as she explained how she came up with the 5 Second Rule. It was a way to trick her mind out of talking itself out of doing something. It kept her motivated and changed her life.

Mels story? Just a decade ago, she found herself with no job, unable to get out of bed, her and her hubby on the verge of bankruptcy and nearly alcoholics. She had to do something and motivate herself. Wala- 5-4-3-2-1 came to be. Wha do you want to do? 5-4-3-2-1, do it!

She went on to self publish a book and, now, 10 years later, she is doing a live daytime TV show. She has been the top requested female speaker and has helped to transform lives.

Mel is one of my hero’s. She is passionate about helping others get out of a place of desperation and is thriving to be a voice in mental well being!

I love people’s stories of overcoming themselves. I love to hear the strategies people have for dealing with depression or anxiety or no motivation. Mel has a great story- search her out on YouTube.

Midway through 2019, I listened to Mel’s book, Take Control of Your Life: How to Silence Fear and Win the Mental Game on Audible. It gives tools on how to overcome the limiting beliefs like fear and self doubt.

It reminded me that I had the choice to think either positive and victorious or wallow in self pity.

It gave me the reboot I needed to get out and live the best life ever!

Check it out- new Audible members can get a free 30 day trial 🙂

Dave Ramsey

One of my big big goals is to get out of debt and build wealth. I needed a system to guide me and discovered Dave Ramsey’s, The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

Dave teaches that the goal to your financial well-being is to live debt free. He advises that we are to work toward zero payments, having all of our cash flow being directed toward giving and investing for retirement. He does include spending but everything you want needs to paid for in cash.

I liked his system on budgeting, saving and paying down debt. It made me look at what I was spending on and instead of blowing money without any thought behind it, I started to budget every dollar.

I thought his advice was top notch. He studied the wealthy, observing how they managed finances taking away all of the successes and breaking them down into working solutions for us all.

Yet, the program left me feeling restricted and stressed out. I love traveling, vacations, going out and getting my nails done. It is advised in the program to cut all spending so you can use all available funds towards debt

Ok, so, parts of this system I like, parts I don’t. Why don’t I take what I like, add some key elements from other programs and advice then make this into my own individual plan?

This is what I call living life on your own terms- doing what’s right for you- developing your own program, making it work for you.

Exploring Dave’s program gave me a starting point and base. It gave me a foundation to build and grow from.

I’m excited to see what develops from this starting point!


That wraps up my top 4 influencers from 2019. I’ve been inspired and motivating to keep learning and growing. The most important take away in this is just that- never stop turning to the tools that support you. Sometimes they will help keep your head above water and sometimes they will be there to catapult you forward.