Is Sheldon Cooper Smarter than Me? Or How Come I Can’t Get this Manifesting thing Down?!

“All we need to do is actively see and expect a different reality. But, instead, we devote all of our time and attention to things we do not want.” Pam Grout-Super fun author of E Squared.


Quantum physics says millions of realities exist.  If we can think it, it is already out there alive in another dimension.  It is through the process of thought that draws these realities into form.

What limits the form from materializing is that we are so set in our old ways of thinking,  we are blocking what we truly want.

Wait, what? No, really, I DO want it all: tons of money, a passionate love life, a career that is fulfilling, and joy bubbling out of my ears. How and why would I be blocking the flow of it?

It goes kinda like this—

You get all psyched up after reading  “The Secret”. You stay positive and uplifted by reading some positive self help guru like Wayne Dyer. You listen to to teachings by Abraham Hicks. You scan Facebook & Twitter looking for my fabulously inspiring posts.

You do all the things to prepare youself to raise your vibrations to  positive energy because, “Positive energy is the perfect environment for bringing in what you want.” And, “Like attracts like.” You want to get in the vortex as Abraham Hicks advises.

Then, you close your eyes, make a wish from your center of love and  throw your intention out to the universe. Today, with your whole heart you believe that anything you ask for will come true. Today, you are thinking this is the greatest day on earth.  Today, you are riding high with optimism.

Then, crickets….nothing happens.  Or does it? 😉

At this point, you are pissed. You start kicking, screaming, throwing your hands up in the air screaming, “WTF Universe?!!  I followed the instructions! I did the positive thing.  I am meditating, visualizing, eating a vegan diet, doing handstands in my yoga classes and nothing is happening! What?!  What, did I do wrong?!”

In doing all these things, you looked for ways your intention was supposed to come true. You imagined the way the universe would bring it to you on a nice shiny platter. You hoped it would happen in a week, that it would be easy,  and everything would go from point A to point B in a logical sequential order.

It doesn’t happen like you planned and here, you lose Faith and figure Quantum physicists don’t have a clue.  I mean, look at Sheldon from “Big Bang Theory”, he is smart and all but, he has something lacking in the social department.  And, socially popular people always know how to make things happen.

Then you come up with your own theory and figure this manifesting is only for Quantum Physicists  because there must be a super-secret to it that only they know.  That you must be as highly intelligent to manifest because normal people can’t solve theorems and crazy smart stuff like that.

Here you say, “This manifesting and intention stuff is stupid. It’s a bunch of bullshit.”

Here you start telling yourself you CAN’T create your desires.

Here you realize you can’t do complex physics theorems so it’s obvious that this is only for the brainiacs of the world.

So, you give up because things aren’t going as you “planned”. But in actuality, you have sabotaged the whole process.

Now, how can you start over and go at it from a different point of view, from a new place with, with a better attitude, have more fun, more momentum and create the life of your desires?

I’m working on that blog post as we speak!