Feeling Stuck? Try This 4 Step Process

When you are on the path to manifest your dreams, desires or unfolding your purpose, you may get to a space where you feel stuck.

Sometimes its an obstacle that falls upon you that creates a particular set back. Or, it could be in your mind in the forms of fear or doubts.

If you get into either of these places, here are 3 ways to get unstuck and create a powerful force of forward energy.

1. Take a pause and slow down

Sometimes obstacles are meant to slow us down so that the Universe can work its wonders behind the scenes enabling just the right circumstances to come together so that your dreams can become a reality. 

2. Turn inward via the breath

During the pause, take a few rounds of deep breathing. This will bring you into a more relaxed state of being where you can think with more clarity.  Obstacles and the feeling of being stuck often times trigger negative self talk within us.  The key is to take action right away before the mind chatter gets out of control. Remember, you are in control of how you choose to think. 

3. Take a powerful pivot with the thought stream: 

“Ok this obstacle or feeling has me here for a reason. I really don’t care what that reason is but what I do want is to feel better. I want to know what to do next. I want to be unstuck!”

4. Connect to the Divine 

Close your eyes, take a few rounds of deep breathing and say the mantra “In Silence I Receive” 

Repeat the mantra a few times then sit in silence. Let Grace wash over you and be open to the guidance that shows up either as a small whisper or a vision in your minds eye. Don’t try to force, if nothing comes up, that’s ok. The intention behind this practice will open you to spiritual guidance and that may come when you are least expecting it. 

We all get the feeling of being stuck. Most likely it comes from wanting things to happen faster than they are or putting expectations on outcomes. By letting go, surrendering to the Universe and trusting that things will all work out will let your dreams manifest more easily and effortlessly. 

If you try this practice, drop me a line at heartfulkellyjo@gmail.com  and let me know how it works!