Ebook Release: “Finding the Rainbow Inspiration”

My First Ever Ebook is Here!

I am not sure if:

A. I am excited that I finally did it after 2 years of having it on my wishlist.


B. Excited to share one of my own tools of empowerment.

I have spent the last 15+ years exploring ways to stay balanced in this world and have a tool box full of “empowerment tools” that I have collected along the way.

With them, I have:

  • Managed depression
  • Found self-confidence
  • Left a 20 year marriage
  • Supported myself fully for the first time in my life at 43 years old
  • Left a job and moved to Hawaii
  • Moved to Madison WI without knowing anyone
  • Started a business (Twice)
  • Traveled alone
  • Drove the freeways of LA on my own
  • Established a routine of self care and learned to love myself
  • Taught Yoga, Reiki and Meditation classes
  • Co-lead a retreat
  • Owned a rental property (on my own)

Looking at this list, in which I could keep on going, I am like, “Wow…I have done a lot!”

I am not here to brag.

I am here to share with you just one of the things that gave me the confidence, strength, tenacity and resiliency to do all of these things. And, its really simple and quite easy to attain.


Yes, you read that correctly. I believe words carry energetic qualities that when read, can magically transform the way you see the world, your circumstances and, hold on tight, your life!

After leaving my marriage, I was on a mission to stay positive and live a kick ass life. I read every positive self help book I could get my hands on. I fed my mind with uplifting words and quotes. I looked at life through the lens of possibility and opportunity, love, kindness and compassion.

After overcoming myself, I wanted to help others. I knew words helped my mindset so thought they could help others too.

Over the span of a 10 year period, I shared quotes and uplifting posts on FB just about daily.

In 2020, through my daily memories on FB, I realized how much good material I had and started collecting my posts in word documents.

Back then, I thought they would make great material for a book.  I wanted to get the project going but, you know what? I wasn’t in the frame of mind back then. I was in the cycle of depression and anger (over what I’m still not sure).

But, who gives a shit about my unending emotional rollercoaster friends, it is 2022 and I did it!  I put the book together.

I did this all on my own and if I can do something like this, YOU CAN TOO!!

And, without further ado…

My first ever ebook–Finding the Rainbow Inspiration!

It is dedicated to my son with a special rainbow dedication to my bestie Amanda.

My special wish is that you find empowerment in your own life to build any dream that is in your heart.

Much love,