Building A Higher Image for Your Life

“In order to attract the better, you must become larger.

We each have an image of ourselves.  

We all see ourselves in a certain way.  

To bring a greater vision into our lives, our image of ourselves has to become larger than the previous image so that we no longer see ourselves, or our universe, as limited or scarce.

Build an image of a higher possibility of yourself in your mind.  

As we become one with this larger image, our life gets bigger than the life we’ve been living.” – Author Unknown

As you read through the above quote are you asking yourself, “Um, ok, but how do I build an image of higher possibility for myself?”  I highlighted it on purpose so, perhaps, you would take a few minutes to reflect on it.

See, most people are stuck on past versions of themselves. The scared little girl. The lost teenager. The angry wife.

To have a better life, we need to let go of this past image of ourself. We need to shift into seeing ourselves  not only for who we are now, but for the person we are to become.

I am actually working on this myself and feel it is an ongoing process that needs to be practiced on a consistent basis.

Here are some things that I do that seem to help me think differently.

1. You need to notice and be aware of how you think of yourself and the image of the life that you have currently created.

Ask yourself, “What  stories about myself and my life am I telling others?  What is my interior dialogue? What am I telling myself?”

I always start with investigating the narrative that I got going on because it shows what I’m thinking and to change the thinking, I need to change the story.

2. Set an intention that whenever that old limiting story comes up, you are going to stop dead in your tracks and start telling a new story.

3. Write your new story.

This story will contain everything with the new image of yourself in it.

How do I write or imagine the new story?

Prepare to support the intention of shifting your thinking by taking time to curate the image and the story you want to bring to life.

You may not even know what you want your life to look like because you are so deep in your bullshit that you can’t even imagine anything better. So here, take some time to be more open and receptive to your soul calling.

Some activities, to be more receptive, could include taking time out in nature, playing music, doing some dancing or practicing yoga. Just let the thoughts flow after asking the questions- “Who am I? What is my purpose? Why am I here?”

Write, journal and find a supportive group of friends that you can share your journey with. This will help you process thoughts and feelings as well as build a solid foundation from which to take off from.

Take your time. Trust whatever comes up. Ask for guidance for the next step. Have Faith that all is happening for a reason.

I have included a Reiki infused meditation in this blog post to help you visualize a higher life and way of being.

I would love to hear what your new image is!
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