Reiki As A Spiritual Practice

At its core, Reiki is a spiritual practice, a way to connect to the Divine within…
Reiki Healed Mother's Heart

Reiki Eased a Mother’s Heart

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From the Diary of a Spiritual Warrior I think my mom knew.  I turned a blind…
Oops I unplugged

Oops- I Accidentally Unplugged From the Universe

When connected to the cosmic force of the universe, anything is possible.  God is not a…
Higher Life

Building A Higher Image for Your Life

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“In order to attract the better, you must become larger. We each have an image of…
Chocolate Turtles

A Family Tradition: Chocolate Turtles

Sharing the Tradition My great aunt Avis Gryzwa taught us how to make these scrumptious little…
Recognizing the Path

Recognizing the Path of Your Purpose

When I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii, I would go to a drum circle…
Feeling Locked In

The Guiding Force in Our Lives

There is a force that guides our lives. Connected to it, you can easily go with…
Feeling Stuck

Feeling Stuck? Try This 4 Step Process

When you are on the path to manifest your dreams, desires or unfolding your purpose, you…
Beginning the Journey

A Sacred Pause-Getting Clarity for Your Next Step

Dreams, goals, soul purpose, your calling. What are we here for? Is there something bigger calling…

My Top Ten Playlist to Kick Up Your Happy

Hey girl, are you feeling down, like life has just run you over and there is…
Words to the Rescue

Words to the Rescue! Quotes & Affirmations to Empower Your Day

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I always found that words have an uplifting effect on me. When I was younger, my…