How a Life Coach Certification Could Benefit You

Are you considering taking a Life Coach Certification? If so, you’re in good company. Life coaching is a booming industry.


According to Grand View Research, life coaching is considered one of the fastest growing industries in the United States with an estimated growth of rate of 4.85% from 2023 through 2030.


More people are turning to life coaches to help them achieve their goals. Therefore, taking a Life Coach Certification is a great way to gain the knowledge and gain the skills needed to make a big impact in other people’s lives. In addition, you will gain the tools to help you start a new business, enjoy a new career or implement the skills into an existing career. Better yet, this transformational program can help enhance every area of your life!


In this blog post, we will go over the benefits of taking a Life Coach Certification for both personal and professional use. Also, this article will cover some of the skills taught in order for you to become  successful as a life coach. Not into the life coach thing?  Some of the reasons why this training would be a great integration into every area of your life are also discussed.


Life Coaching As A Career Choice.


If the reason you are interested in taking a Life Coach Certification is to start a business or change careers, a training will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to become an effective coach.

By first learning to care for and coach yourself, you will set a foundation from which to coach your client. You will learn the powerful method of listening then responding from your own inner wisdom. In this, you will develop the skill to guide your client to their own wisdom and empower them in discovering that they hold the answers.


Certification training provides ample time to practice both within a group and in 1 on 1 sessions. You will receive positive feedback to grow and expand your skills in a supportive environment. In addition, you will be given the task of practicing outside of the group so you can gain the confidence in your coaching ability.


The certification also includes 6 follow up sessions to further support you on your journey. It provides the extra time needed to process what was learned and maintain support as you are just starting to implement the skills from class. Also Incorporated in these follow ups will be information on setting up your business, business tools and marketing.


As a career, Life Coach Certification will provide you the support and guidance needed to become a success. From providing mentorship and feedback to helping you stay motivated, a certification program encompasses all the areas that will get you off to a great start!


Life Coaching Skills to Integrate Into an Existing Career


If you are a leader, manager, own a business or are a practitioner in the wellness industry (think Reiki, Somatic Movement Therapy or even Athletic Trainer), taking a Life Coach Certification can benefit you greatly.


The same skills applied to someone who does Life Coaching as a profession can be applied to someone who is in leadership/management or owns a company. Although you won’t be coaching to help someone along their life journey per say, you will be developing critical communication skills that are fundamental in business relationships themselves.


Learning skills such as active listening and powerful questions effectively helps to build stronger relationships in the work environment. In addition, these skills help to promote critical thinking in employees resulting in workers who are self starters.


As far as wellness/holistic practitioners are concerned, a Life Coach Certification will help develop a deeper aptitude in holding energetic boundaries. This enables you to distinguish what is yours and what is the clients, helping you to guide clients to their own healing path in a more empowered way.


Maybe you are in another profession outside of the scope mentioned above. You may wonder how going through a certification could benefit you. Each point made as it relates to starting your own coaching business to integrating it into an existing career would apply to you too! If you are in any kind of customer service, work with the public or clients, learning effective communication tools is essential. You will learn tools that will help you navigate stress and give you the confidence to deal with difficult situations.


Life Coaching and Personal Development


I was searching for tools to help me impact the lives of others. What I found was the awareness of my own inner wisdom.


The biggest “a-ha” I got out of my certification training was learning skills to coach myself (I had anxiety and would get easily overwhelmed with my emotions). I developed confidence in my own inner compass. My personal testimony is that it was one of my most transformational journey’s to date. I came out of the training with valuable tools to integrate into all areas of my life.


For others looking for personal growth, this training has a mountain of tools in store. In it you will find methods to help set intentions and techniques to help manifest desires. The confidence to help build any dream will be attained through the program.


If you are one who is on a spiritual path, there is a current of Divinity running throughout the program. By turning inward, you will develop a close relationship with your higher power (God, Holy Spirit, Divine Source). With key methods of learning how to turn inward, you will learn how to take a pause enabling you to listen to your inner wisdom.


In closing, many of the benefits of this program are unique to the individual student. Only by going through the certification will a person realize the benefit. I invite you to sit with this in silence and ask your inner wisdom if this is right for you. Only you know the answer.


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