A Sacred Pause-Getting Clarity for Your Next Step

Dreams, goals, soul purpose, your calling. What are we here for? Is there something bigger calling you? Do you feel stuck? Not sure where to turn?  Want to head into a new direction but not sure where to start?


Take a big inhale through your nose. Bring the breath all the way down into your belly. Now, exhale slowly, letting the breath release completely out of your body. Take a few more rounds of breath like this. Feel the breath move through your body.

Affirm– Every day in every way, I am being divinely guided.

Gratitude Prayer-Thank you for bringing me the sacred pause and the chance for me to recalibrate, to reconnect to the infinite source of the Universe.

We all have a calling within our soul. A contribution to make to the world. We often feel overwhelmed by the thought of something so huge. Feeling pressure from the weight of the responsibility daunted with the idea that radicle behavior change must be made.

So, you push the dreams aside and ignore the calling. Yet, there is still something inside that whispers to you now and again. But, you keep brushing it away, telling yourself it’s a crazy dream that only uber talented people can achieve.

After a while, years of unrealized desires start to eat at you. You feel bitter and resentful of others when you see them doing the things you so longed for in your life. The resentment may turn outward in frustrated anger or inward resulting in depression.

Today is the day that you started on a new path. You took the sacred pause and started anew. Today is all you need to think about. What can you do today? What inspired action can you take right now?

If you are reading this- you have already started. This, right here is the sign that you are heading down the path of your dreams.

Take another 3 rounds of deep breathing. Sit in silence and receive your next right action.

May light and love guide you today- Namaste