5 Ways to Stay Positive in Uncertain Times

I am back at my spiritual practice- the daily commitment to live with my whole heart and soul. To feed my mind with powerfully positive information to keep me centered, balanced, so that I can be at my best.

Wisdom and guidance floats in from many directions. God speaks and appears in each of our lives I’m ways so that we can hear him.  For me, it’s books, music and listening to the wisdom of spiritual teachers.

Yesterday, so many gems came to me through a YouTube video that I felt compelled to capture them here in this blog. Hopefully these words bring hope, comfort and a light in your day.

With so much chaos in the world, how do we stay positive? How do we not get swept up in the negativity, the violence, and the utter hateful words of so many?

1. Commit to a daily spiritual practice.

Prayer, yoga, meditation, mindful journaling, singing, dancing, walks in nature. Find something that works for you that fills your soul on a daily basis. Mindfully take this as a sacred time and connect with the Divine.

Here you will find the strength and guidance to fuel your soul that is needed on a daily basis. This is your soul food.

2. Read or watch inspirational-uplifting  material daily.

Find someone who is wise in the ways of spirituality, someone with who’s words resonate with you. It doesn’t matter if your friends or family don’t follow this person – this is meant for you and your growth.

Keep searching- it may be several people that you rotate with, each having their own unique message. There may be just some little nugget- often times not even the thing you are consciously seeking- that is waiting for you to discover.

3. Reboot your life and  focus your energy on creating a new way of being.

Lets say each day your energy is like currency and you are given a set allowance every day.  Why spend it on your wounds or stories from the past. This is like investing in a failing company-you aren’t going to see any dividends.

Take your precious energy and invest it every day into something creative, something fun, something new. Create the best version of yourself!

4. Eat good food!

Intaking food that brings optimal nutrition not only feeds the body, it feeds the mind and soul. Get away from processed foods, sugar, alcohol and move towards plant based, whole food choices. This may be a gradual evolution but any effort will be seen in improved mood, performance and eventually, a better physique.

5.  Write, journal and track your progress.

Capture the positive in your daily life. Create a gratitude journal. Write a new narrative of your life. Write your daily affirmations or intentions in a notebook. Express your feelings.

There are many fun and creative ways to use the tool of writing. When we write, it slows down and organizes our thoughts into more cohesive patterns. You don’t need to be the best writer or poet. Just use the time as a way to let the Divine flow through you and bring you much needed guidance.

These are practices that have helped me over the years. I have relied on them in the most turbulent times of my life. I know they work and are crucial to living my best life. Because it was when I thought they were no longer needed or that I was strong enough without them, that I would stumble and spiral, getting lost, feeling alone and confused. Then, like some miracle, they would always find me again and bring me back to that place of peace.

I hope they find you too